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Ordering of YUMI (bow)

Only those who fill in the attached order form and send it by e-mail will be notified of the estimate by e-mail after receiving the order.
If you dont fill in the order form, it may not be an official order.

In your order, please inform Item-No. and pull strength.
Item-No.: Refer to Item-No. column of Yumi products table
Pull strength: beginner: 10, 12kg female: 14,16kg/ male: 18,20 kg
* These are figures on average just for your references.

Tsuru is not contained. Please order Tsuru if you need.

Choose Your YUMI.
A bow maked from wood layer and fiber glass layer.
From a beginner to a mid level archer.

A bow maked from wood layer and fiber glass layer
reinforced with a carbon fiber layer in the middle.
From a beginner to a mid level archer.
A carbon Yumi is more flexible and powerful than fiber yumi.

TAKE (Bamboo) YUMI
A bow maked from bamboo layer.
Only for a senir level archer.
A bamboo Yumi has good responce and power, but
requires extreme care on its handling and treatment.
Many advanced archer keeps plural number
of bamboo yumi to make them rest between practice.
* Measuring bamboo bow strength at 85cm Nami-sun
90cm 2sun-nobi
95cm 4sun-nobi

Recently, trouble with the bamboo bow is increasing, so we would like to check a few things.
If you would like to purchase a bamboo bow,
please answer the following questions before placing your order.