Important Notices
If the person placing the order and the person paying the price are different,
We do not accept orders unless there is a specific reason.

Recently, there has been a significant delay in the arrival of some products from Archery and Kyudo makers.
and we may run out of stock due to high demand.
Unfortunately, we would recommend pre-ordering those items, since we will likely sell out very fast.
But we may not be able to promise the delivery date of the product.
It would be helpful if you could make your order as early as possible.
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Important notice about mail order

Shopping cart quote

From the details screen of each product where the
Order cart available icon is displayed.
1. Enter the quantity and required items and click the
[Add to Cart (Quotation)] button.
2. Once you have the products you want,
Please follow the on-screen instructions to enter your customer information.
3. In principle, payment is by credit card.

Once payment is received,
we will ship your order within a few days.
If the address is changed during delivery, an address change fee will be charged.
Please make sure you let us know the correct address before shipping.

If you change your shipping address during delivery without contacting us, we will charge an additional fee later.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Only those who fill in the attached order form and send it by e-mail will be notified of the estimate by e-mail after receiving the order.
Please be sure to check before ordering
If you dont fill in the order form, it may not be an official order.


Please send us an e-mail attachment
to after filling in the necessary
information once you have saved to your computer.

After receiving your order
1. We will send you an email containing the total amount including shipping,
estimated delivery date, and payment method, so please check the contents.

2. If you agree with the payment amount,
Please reply to the email confirming your agreement regarding the estimated payment.
We will notify you of various information regarding payment via email.

We include the following notes when shipping.
Please be sure to check before opening the product.

Contents: Important information regarding product returns, etc.

If the product is opened or used, regardless of whether or not the customer confirms since you have agreed, we cant respond to returns, exchanges, or complaints.
Please be very careful when handling the products you have purchased.