How to Order (Order of products by mail order)
Ordering Method
If the person placing the order and the person paying the price are different,
We do not accept orders unless there is a specific reason.
a. Shopping cart system
or Contact information such as product name, product number, quantity,
address, etc. of the desired product
・・How to receive the product (shipping or picking up at the store)
b. After completing the downloaded order form, attach it to an email and send it to us. Download (EXCEL)
d. FAX
e. Simple version ordering system
Please contact us using one of the methods below.
* For direct orders via email,
To prevent confusion, we are currently not accepting applications.

We will send you a quotation including delivery date,
shipping fee and handling fee.
We will contact you by e-mail or fax.
In the case of store receipt (reservation), there is no shipping charge. 
If the payment amount is okay,
・€Please reply to the email of your agreement regarding the payment for the estimate.
・€We will send you an email with payment information.
Our payment method is
Bank transfer
credit card
You can choose between the above two options.
For bank transfer and credit card payment systems
We use [ Resona Pay Resort ].

Shipment of goods
In the case of bank transfer, after confirmation of payment,
in the case of card payment, after approval
On the same day, we will send you an email notifying you of the

Payment details

  • Via Credit Card
    ・€We will send our Credit Card information fill-in URL by E-Mail after estimate sheet is sent.
    ・€If you agree to the bill you receive, payment should be made within one week by putting your Credit Card information.
  • Via Bank Transfer
    payment should be made in the customer's name