KYUDO Beginner's set

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Please understand the names of each tool and the names of body parts.

Kake (Glove)
Kake section total amount ¥25,640~
This glove, made of deer skin and worn on the right hand, is important to shoot the bow correctly.
The string is set on a groove at the base of the thumb.
Its material is a deer skin.
Yumi (Bow)
Bow (Yumi) section total amount ¥38,100~
Glass fiber bow / Carbon fiber bows
Traditionally a kyudo bow is composed of bamboo and wood
laminate core surrounded by wood and bamboo.
Beginners should start with a glass fiber or carbon fiber bow due to
the fact that they are easier
to take care and more durable than the traditional bamboo bow.

Ya (Arrow)
Ya section total amount ¥26,220~
An arrow to shoot in front of the makiwara target.
Since it is shot a couple of meters from the target, it does not need to be feathered.

Uniform (For Men / For Women)
Uniform section total price for Men ¥15,900~
for Women ¥15,900~

The standard practice uniform consists of a white keiko-gi, hakama, obi, and tabi.
There are some subtle differences in the uniforms worn by men and women.

Misc. section total amount ¥2,000~
Gomu-Yumi , Book

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