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Kyudoverein Neandertal
Erkrath, Germany
from germany
Kyudo, Art et Pratique
Paris, France
from france
Kyudo Kai de Plan-les-Ouates
Geneva, Switzerland
from switzerland
Scuola delle quattro Foglie - Heki Ryu Insai Ha
KYUDOJO, Gazzuolo (Italy)
Immagine pratica gruppo
Accademia Romana Kyudo
Roma, Italy
Accademia Romana Kyudo Roma, Italy
Issha Kyudo Kai
Uppsala, Sweden
Issha Kyudo Kai Uppsala, Sweden
Taiwan Kyudo Association
Taipei City, Taiwan
Taiwan Kyudo Association

Demonstration in Toulon, France
on October 19th,2013

Mr. Thierry Castille
Kyudo Club Insai
Milano, Italy
Kyudo Club Insai Milano
Yuai Kyudojo of Udine, Italy

Kyudo Club Insai Milano
The ride at Yanagawa
from Australia
From Australia
Seikyu Kai kyudo
Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
From Malaysia
Malaysia Kyudo
From Malaysia
From China
Shenzhen Kyudokai
From China
From Taiwan
Taiwan Kyudo Association.
From Taiwan
From Geneva, Switzerland.

From Switzerland.

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